The new Nokia 206 is now available for purchase in South Africa.
Featuring a classic alphanumeric keypad and a 2,4-inch display, the Nokia 206 is designed to let users surf the Internet, play games and chat with friends, with fast access to Facebook and Twitter.

The new Nokia 206 also features a vibrant colour palette.

The new phone is one of the first devices to feature Nokia’s Slam feature, which lets consumers share multimedia content like photos and videos with nearby friends almost instantly.

Slam works with most Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones without the need to pair devices, and without the recipient needing to also have Slam. In just a few clicks, people can ‘Slam’ their content to another device faster than with Bluetooth alone and without consuming Internet data.

This new device takes advantage of the Nokia Xpress Internet platform, which uses Nokia’s cloud technology to reduce data consumption by up to 90%, helping consumers enjoy more affordable Internet access.

It also features Nokia Nearby, a Web app that helps consumers discover points of interest such as restaurants, shopping and ATMs close to their location.

Other key features of the Nokia 206 include:

* Imaging technology that optimises photos taken with the 1,3MP camera for sharing on Facebook;

* A comprehensive social and mobile entertainment package with eBuddy Chat, WhatsApp and a gift pack of 10 free, premium content items; and

* Standby time of up to 47 days.

The Nokia 206 retails for around R759 and available in stores around the country.