Soarsoft Africa, a specialist in archiving, migration, collaboration and messaging services, has announced Metalogix’s Drive 2 Office 365 app, allowing users to import documents and files from Google Drive to Office 365.
By using the Metalogix Drive 2 Office 365 app, SharePoint users can move all Google Drive content into their Office 365 SharePoint environment.
“Metalogix has moved more than 50 petabytes of content and this app takes their experience in SharePoint and represents it in a new way. It is the next innovative step to continue assisting customers to move their content,” says Chris Hathaway, director at Soarsoft Africa.
The introduction of the app from Metalogix is a natural evolution of the launch of SharePoint 2013 by Microsoft which includes a new app model as part of its key changes.
“Applications are becoming common-place and as we see many more developments in this field, Metalogix was fast to respond with their app which delivers even more convenience for customers that migrate to SharePoint 2013. Metalogix is perpetually keeping abreast of technology trends and its app is poised to deliver more value and convenience to its customers using the SharePoint platform.
“The app is quick and easy to use and Soarsoft is proud to be associated with a company that is focused on innovation, ensuring customers’ need s and requirements are top of mind,” adds Hathaway.
The Metalogix Drive 2 Office 365 app allows users to browse and search their Google Drive directly from within SharePoint with Drive 2 Office.  Furthermore, it allows user to select and import files and documents without ever leaving SharePoint, and also import Google Docs as well as other files and content stored in Google Drive.
Key highlights of Metalogix Drive 2 Office 365:
* Select single or multiple files from Google Drive content and easily import content as needed;
Once content is selected, content is imported with one click and content can be imported without having to save it locally first;
* Users can view Google Drive content from within SharePoint by simply clicking on the ribbon. A list of content in their Google Drive will appear for viewing which can also be filter-based on type. The ability to view Google content without leaving SharePoint ensures a seamless experience; and
The Drive 2 Office 365 app installs into the ribbon and will be visible when users are on document management due to the app being visible while users are managing their SharePoint page content.