The Telkom Foundation and six schools in Mpumalanga are celebrating the handing over of 303 tablets to teachers as part of its Connecting Schools Project.
The recipient schools are the Edward Matyeka Primary School; Nelson Ngubeni Primary School; Nancy Shiba Primary School; Besilindile Primary School; Leornard Ntshutshe Secondary School and DM Motsaosele Secondary School.
The project provides Internet connectivity and tablet maintenance for two years. As part of the sponsorship, Telkom is also providing teacher training to enable the educators to navigate the device and access content with ease.
The selected schools faced terrestrial connectivity challenges due to the lack of infrastructure. Recognising the disadvantage this brought to these institutions, Telkom explored innovative ways of connecting the schools using technology other than fixed line services.
Telkom Foundation head, Sarah Mthintso, says the company has taken up this initiative to improve teaching through the use of ICTs.
“The digital revolution has brought enormous benefits for education. These include improved access to information, greater interactivity and enhanced tools for teaching. Connecting schools to this revolution is an effective way to give back to our communities and help propel them into the digital age.”
She adds that accessing the modern ways of disseminating and receiving education has led to notable increases in learner performance.
“Learners themselves will access ICT tools which will help them when they go to tertiary institutions and make them competent in the work environment.”
Telkom in this way aims to assist government in ensuring the advantages that come with ICTs are afforded to citizens. The project aids Telkom’s mission to provide seamless connectivity that will help South Africans realise their dreams of more productive, rewarding and fulfilling lives.
In September, Telkom delivered over 130 tablets with free Internet connectivity to schools in the Western Cape.
All the tablets are preloaded with official Department of Education workbooks including content relating to languages, life skills, mathematics, literacy and numeracy for various grades in various languages.
“Telkom is committed to supporting government and assisting it in meeting its developmental objectives, especially in relation to ICTs. It is against this background that Telkom initiated the project aimed at bridging the digital divide in rural schools,” says Mthintso.