TruTeq Devices, which focuses on providing wireless connectivity solutions to all market sectors, has announced that it is looking for solutions providers to service a number of market sectors it serves, including mining, home and industrial automation systems, factory process control, water and gas metering, remote access control, post and pre-payment solutions, CCTV, lighting control and energy management control, the security space, automation environment, agricultural sector, food and restaurant industries, utility arenas, network operators, VAS providers and communications networks.
This is according to Derick Roberts, CEO of TruTeq Devices, who says the company’s wireless solutions – which it manufactures locally – can address “almost any possible industry”.
He says the company recently became the first company in South Africa to launch a solution for the pre-paid security industry, an industry expected to rival the pre-paid utility and airtime markets.
The company has implemented a number of pilot sites for its pre-paid solutions and has already announced the signing of commercial partners in the Philippines, France and Germany.
“We are initially focusing on the South African market. But, as we establish and grow our international network, this focus will extend overseas. But frankly, the local market, right now, is big enough for us.”
Commenting further, Roberts says the company has signed on a number of South African distributors, whom all offer complimentary solutions through their day to day business activities, products and services, and whom will be supplying shrink-wrapped offerings to various sectors of the local market.
“But we need to increase the number of business solutions partners as the field we can cover is diverse.”
At the core of the company’s pre-paid security solution is its single box solution, which falls under the Smartoo modem.
Roberts says the company’s product range suits a wide range of niche markets, saying the company is looking for solutions providers who would typically be suppliers, manufacturers, or maintenance and monitoring companies for “a wide range of market sectors”.
The market sectors identified by the company include: pumps; valves; engines; generators; elevators; electronic billboards; irrigation systems; home and industrial automation systems; factory process control; air conditioners; HVAC equipment; monitoring panels; refrigeration – mobile or static fridges; fuel and water level monitoring; weather station connectivity; electricity metering; water metering and gas metering – and switching for post- and pre-payment solutions; security alarm event notification and interfacing; remote access control; CCTV connectivity high speed and wireless; mining activities; farming applications borehole switching; lighting control; building management interface solutions; Internet for harsh conditions or poor GSM coverage areas; high risk security video verification and switching; IP traffic controller interfacing; train station platform announcement system connectivity; ticket offices connectivity; bank ATM connectivity; vending machine connectivity; animal feeders; temperature control connectivity for server rooms; chicken farms; vegetable farms; crocodile farms; cold storage; shops; and restaurants.