VMware, the global leader in virtualisation and cloud infrastructure, has introduced two new offerings to help customers further leverage their investments in VMware vSphere – VMware vSphere with Operations Management and VMware vSphere Data Protection Advanced.
“Increasingly, customers have standardised on VMware vSphere as the core of their data centres,” says Chris Norton, regional director of southern Africa at VMware.
“To help maximise the value of their investments in VMware vSphere, customers require purpose-built, integrated solutions to more efficiently manage, optimise and protect their virtualised environments.
“We’ve made it convenient for new and existing customers of VMware vSphere to enhance the core capabilities of their virtual infrastructure with vCenter Operations Management Suite and VMware vSphere Data Protection Advanced.”
VMware is announcing a new VMware vSphere product line that combines the industry-leading virtualisation platform with the award-winning VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite.
In addition, VMware is introducing a new edition of VMware vSphere Data Protection, the backup and recovery solution first introduced as part of VMware vSphere 5.1 in August 2012. With these new offerings, customers can:
* Reduce Capex costs by up to 30%;
* Optimise capacity, improving utilisation by up to 40% and consolidation ratios by 37%;
Improve application availability and performance, cutting downtime by more than a third and reducing the time it takes to find and resolve problems by up to 26%; and
Reduce backup storage capacity by up to 95% and backup on network traffic by up to 99%.
VMware vSphere with Operations Management unites the leading virtualisation platform for all applications, including business-critical and low-latency applications, with patented analytic capabilities to provide insight into the performance, health and efficiency of virtualised environments.
By providing a simple, visual and holistic view of the entire environment, VMware vSphere with Operations Management allows customers to proactively monitor and maintain performance and improve availability while optimising the virtual environment through integrated capacity planning.
The VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite helps customers nearly double the operational savings they receive from VMware vSphere.
Developed for mid-sized VMware vSphere environments, VMware vSphere Data Protection Advanced offers increased scalability and new backup and recovery capabilities for business critical applications specifically Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL Server. Based on EMC Avamar, VMware vSphere Data Protection delivers the most efficient backup solution with industry-leading deduplication, full support of Changed Block Tracking and single-step restores. Tight integration with VMware vSphere enables administrators to manage their virtual infrastructure, including back and recovery, from a single console.
“VMware selected EMC Avamar software to provide the underlying technology for the introduction of VMware vSphere Data Protection,” says Shane Jackson, VP of marketing, EMC Backup Recovery Systems division.
“Customers have enthusiastically adopted this solution, and they expect that we will continue to leverage the technology collaboration between EMC and VMware to deliver enhanced backup and recovery capabilities for customers.
“The introduction of VMware vSphere Data Protection Advanced does just that by incorporating EMC Avamar features that can extend the value proposition for VMware customers. As a result, they gain an easy path to more scalability and additional support for business critical applications which are in demand in rapidly growing virtual environments.”