Blue Turtle Technologies (Blue Turtle) has announced that it has signed a reseller agreement with WHIPTAIL, the storage-industry innovator powering faster and more energy-efficient computing for today’s global businesses via Flash storage, at the official partnership launch held at the Country Club Johannesburg, Woodmead.
WHIPTAIL helps improve hardware and application performance across a wide variety of use cases and vertical markets with its ACCELA and INVICTA Flash storage arrays.
The demand and expectation from users for optimal technology performance creates challenges for IT managers, as performance suffers with widespread simultaneous activity – a problem compounded by the demands of the modern data centre including databases, OLTP, batch processing, analytics, VDI and more.
“Blue Turtle continuously explores new technologies that enhance our capabilities and deliver robust value to organisations.  Adding WHIPTAIL to our solutions portfolio extends our offering through this innovative approach to data storage.
“The technology provides highly scalable IOPS, ensuring that organisations are equipped to cope with increased data transfer demands of virtualised environments,” says Ronnie Koch, consultant at Blue Turtle.
Brian Feller, VP and GM of WHIPTAIL EMEA, predicts substantially increased uptake of Flash-based storage.
“IT managers are realising that traditional hard disk drives are no longer equipped to deliver the quality of end-user experience expected when business as usual is at stake. Companies are struggling with the ramifcations of moving data fast enough, Big Data applications and the continuing pressure to make rapid decisions. Technology that can increase performance in these arenas is in strong demand.
“More organisations are increasingly relying on Flash storage to provide the necessary resilience for demanding environments where performance is critical. But the historical perception of Flash, such as the high price point, short lifecycles and lower write capabilities than traditional storage, have meant that businesses have hit roadblocks with other vendors.
“We have smashed these Flash myths and are offering Blue Turtle’s customers the ability to move data faster than ever and stamp out sky-rocketing costs.”
ACCELA, the next generation of the world’s most widely deployed all-Flash storage array, and INVICTA, the first true enterprise class, scale-out, highly available, modular and multi-protocol 100% NAND flash storage array ever constructed, provides highly scalable IOPS, extreme bandwidth, and ultra-low latency at groundbreaking performance and cost.
WHIPTAIL has engineered its arrays so that migration from traditional storage is easy and seamless, ensuring user organisations achieve radical improvement for overall system performance. ACCELA features traditional-functioning storage subsystems, but hundreds of thousands of times faster than magnetic, mechanical based systems.
ACCELA and INVICTA can be seamlessly integrated to work with any application used in the enterprise and run in existing SAN architecture. The array is tuned to reduce latency in high IO environments and possesses a proprietary operating system designed to overcome the write performance and longevity challenges typically associated with multi-level cell (MLC) Flash storage.
“Blue Turtle and WHIPTAIL realise that these solutions are vital as they assist organisations effectively manage and accelerate their storage at a fraction of the time and cost of normal storage solutions, while delivering optimal performance, reliability and scalability that supports all standard storage networking and file protocols,” Koch concludes.