All IT departments want to reduce costs and streamline software deployments. Volume licensing is the first step to achieving this.

“Buying and deploying software can become a pricey endeavour for those companies that need the same software to be installed and run on many different workstations, and volume licensing simply makes it more affordable for those institutions that need to buy in bulk,” says Simon Campbell-Young, CEO of Phoenix Distribution.
“Licensing options can be quite complex, because different software manufacturers often use unique licensing programs.”
In order to help users navigate through this minefield and help make the best software volume license purchasing decision for your company, Campbell-Young advises the enlistment of the assistance of a reputable, certified channel partner that forms part of an authorised software distribution value chain.
Providing individualised customer buying programmes and agreements offering unique bundles of benefits and offerings specific to an organisation’s needs, Phoenix Distribution provides customised volume licensing solutions with an array of value-added benefits.
“Depending on the manufacturer, many options of volume licensing programmes are available.
“To choose the best volume licensing for your company, you need to understand the main characteristics of the various volume licensing programmes and policies and how they pertain to your specific organisation, the size of your company, the programs you want to license and the way in which you plan to use those products in your organisation,” explains Campbell-Young.
“At Phoenix Software, we offer volume licensing on a variety of products, including Kaspersky, AVG, Roxio and Storagecraft, at cumulative pricing tiers, which allows for corporate, non-profit and government/educational discounts.
“It is available immediately thanks to our Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) service, which offers the additional benefit of saving on bandwidth and network traffic, since updates can be rolled out via the main server.”
In addition to eliminating the physical costs of having to provide the media (the CD-ROM or DVD), the user’s guide and the other packaging items which are included in boxed software, volume licensing ensures the legality of the software and compliance.
This gives the purchaser the rights to use the software on a variety of machines, by multiple users. The use of unauthorised or pirated copies of software can result in massive fines for a company or organisation, cautions Campbell-Young.