Blue Turtle Technologies (Blue Turtle), as part of its service management strategy, has signed a partnership with Ayehu to provide advanced automation to the South African market. 
“Ayehu identified South Africa as a growing market with extensive opportunities,” says Gabby Nizri, founder and CEO of Ayehu.
“Blue Turtle is an IT leader in the southern African market and we needed a strong partner with exceptional expertise, support and knowledge of the local market. The opportunities for growth were a real factor when identifying a partner and we needed a partner with a solid track record for delivery.”
Ayehu develops and markets innovative enterprise-class IT process automation solutions. Ayehu helps IT professionals to identify and resolve critical incidents, simplify complex operations and achieve improved control over IT infrastructure.
eyeShare is a light-weight IT toolbox that allows users to automate complex IT processes within hours. Using a visual workflow designer with over 500 pre-built activities and 100s of pre-packaged workflow templates, you can automate IT tasks across physical, virtual or cloud environments.
“Ayehu’s suite of solutions brings with it an extension to Blue Turtle’s automation solutions and the value proposition is the realisation of a quick ROI, increased profit and improved uptime. This is further complemented by the ability to integrate the physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure,” says Andrew Parsons, product manager at Blue Turtle Technologies.
“Additional benefits include reduced IT costs and minimised risks through simplifying IT processes, improved quality of service and increased business performance is realised,” he says.