Biometric identity and access management continues to enjoy growth despite the fact that it has never worked 100% successfully using only a traditional fingerprint scan. Increasingly, organisations are looking for a more accurate, less invasive technology to incorporate into their access control, and other ID management systems.
Iris recognition readily fills this requirement with its reliability and stability – a person’s unique iris pattern is formed by 10 months of age, and remains consistent throughout one’s life. No physical contact is required, and a person can be authenticated in less than two seconds, making user acceptance more likely.
Supporting this growing interest in the technology, Brand New Technologies CC is pleased to announce it has signed a Reseller Agreement with Iris ID, a leader in the provision of biometric authentication solutions employing iris recognition based in the United States.
“The Iris ID offering fits perfectly into our biometric ID management solutions set,” explains Dave Crawshay-Hall, chief technology officer for Brand New Technologies.
“We are constantly seeking out new technologies to keep our portfolio at the leading edge of biometric identification. Iris recognition is beginning to make real inroads in the industry and we are very pleased we can now offer some of the best of these solutions to our clients.”