Check Point Software Technologies, the worldwide leader in securing the Internet, has announced the launch of its new 21700 Appliance providing market leading security and the fastest performance in a compact 2U chassis. 
The appliance offers maximum security performance straight out of the box with 78Gbps of firewall throughput, 25Gbps of IPS throughput and a 2 922 SecurityPower unit (SPU) rating. It also leverages Check Point’s award-winning Software Blade Architecture, providing large enterprises and data centres with layers of industry-leading security.
Security gateways must have the ability to integrate multiple technologies, which can create greater strain and demand on network resources – requiring more bandwidth and processing power. The new 21700 Appliance increases performance and traffic volumes – delivering the highest power in a 2U form factor.
“The new 21700 security gateway is optimised to deliver multi-layered protection in low-latency, transaction-oriented environments, while boosting firewall performance up to 110Gbps of throughput,” says Gabi Reish, head of product management at Check Point.
“It represents a best-in-class security gateway, empowering customers to maintain network performance and expand security functionality, all in one efficient and compact package.”
The 21700 Appliance is a part of the 21000 appliance family, which supports the Security Acceleration Module, a hardware accelerator including SecurityCore technology and featuring 108 cores.
With the Security Acceleration Module, the 21700 Appliance delivers sub-five microsecond firewall latency, and boosts firewall throughput to 110Gbps, while providing ultra-fast VPN throughput and 3 551 SPUs. It is ideal for transaction-oriented environments.
“Having the ability to offer a wide-range of appliances and provide security technologies that can unify disparate network security solutions AND improve performance – elevates our value proposition,” says Sandy Laney, chairman and CEO at Cadre.
“The 21000 appliance family offered by Check Point is extremely flexible and can easily handle large amounts of data with an extra, optional power boost and a low latency environment provided by the Security Acceleration Module, giving customers the ability to scale their security platform to meet all their security needs.”
Key features of the Check Point 21700 Appliance:
* Maximum security and performance with 78Gbps to 110Gbps of firewall throughput;
* High port density – includes up to 37 ports with a variety of NIC options including copper and fibre, 1GbE and 10GbE interfaces; and
* Optimised for multi-layered protection with the Software Blade Architecture – available with several pre-configured software packages like; Next Generation Threat Prevention, Next Generation Data Protection, Next Generation Firewall and Secure Web Gateway for quick turn-key deployments.
“The 21700 Appliance enables customers with demanding data centre environments to benefit from integrated next-generation security solutions with the power, extensibility and cost effectiveness of our Software Blade Architecture,” concludes Reish.