Integr8 has been ranked as one of just two African companies to be listed among the world’s top 50 managed service providers (MSPs) for 2013. 
The South African company, which was recently acquired 100% by the Business Connexion Group, owns and operates the only locally-constructed and located Nerve Centre, claimed 46th position out of the Top 500 companies worldwide at the MSPmentor 2013 rankings.
At the 2012 MSPmentor 100 global rankings, Integr8 was listed as the number one MSP in sub-Saharan Africa, for the third year running, as well as third position for the whole of the Eastern Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region.
“It is an outstanding achievement,” says Lance Fanaroff, joint CEO of Integr8, who pays tribute to the outstanding work of the company’s Nerve Centre management, G8Keeper solution administrators, first, second and third line verticals.
“It is a joint effort and one that involves commitment from a number of silos within the business. The ICT managed services space is highly competitive and constantly changing. With the start of trends like cloud-based services, big data analytics and mobility, it makes sense that businesses will look to service providers for advice and insight to apply the most effective strategy,” says Fanaroff.
Integr8 has utilised its Nerve Centre operation to establish and maintain a proactive service delivery model to clients. This comprehensive service covers several existing and emerging trends that now define the managed services landscape.
“We continue to assist our clients to take advantage of key trends to strengthen their operations and output. The ability to utilise infrastructure to bolster communications and data utilisation represents a critical differentiator within the managed services market going forward,” Fanaroff says.