In a move that extends its leadership in the industry, NetApp has announced the availability of the EF540 all-flash array for today’s extreme performance-driven enterprise applications, and previewed the architecture of its new, purpose-built FlashRay product family, which will deliver rich scale-out and storage efficiency features to maximise the benefits of all-flash arrays.
The new product introductions extend the comprehensive NetApp enterprise flash portfolio, which maximises the value of flash across the entire compute, network and storage stack, enabling the flexibility to choose the best approach to unique workloads.
With the strongest and broadest flash portfolio in the industry, in a complete line of products, including intelligent caching technologies Flash Cache, Flash Pool and Flash Accel, the new EF540 flash array and the forthcoming FlashRay family provide flexibility and choice and maximise the value of flash across the entire compute, network and storage stack.
NetApp has deployed more than 36PB of flash in the market to date. These new product introductions will further extend that leadership.
“Flash changes everything by transforming the speed of business,” says Manish Goel, executive VP, Product Operations, NetApp. “However, enterprise imperatives for global scale, efficiency and reliability remain the same. NetApp’s approach to flash removes the compromise from consideration, offering customers the best of all worlds.”
Watch Brendon Howe, Vice President Product and Solutions Marketing, talk about NetApp’s comprehensive flash storage strategy and how customers can take advantage of it.

The EF540, built on the proven SANtricity operating system, is the industry’s first flash array to combine consistent extreme performance with enterprise-class high availability, reliability, manageability and worldwide support.
Designed for performance-driven applications, the EF540 delivers over 300 000 IOPS and sub-millisecond data access in a highly available, fault-tolerant architecture. It can eliminate storage over-provisioning and dramatically reduces costs by cutting space utilisation, power and cooling.
Business-critical database applications can run up to 500% faster than in traditional storage environments, delivering instant response times and enterprise-class reliability.

The EF540 features intuitive storage management and advanced tuning functions, enabling efficient management with minimal effort. The storage system maximises application value and has a fully redundant architecture designed to eliminate downtime.

With the introduction of the FlashRay family, NetApp is extending its storage and data management leadership by developing a new, purpose-built all-flash storage architecture. The FlashRay product architecture is founded on rich scale-out and efficiency capabilities to maximise the benefits of flash arrays.
The new product line will combine consistent, low-latency performance, high availability and integrated data protection with enterprise storage efficiency features such as inline deduplication and compression.

FlashRay will be available in limited beta in the middle of 2013 and will be generally available in 2014. The product line is designed from the ground up to maximise the value of flash. FlashRay continues to execute against a strategy to deliver an intelligent and integrated architecture that is optimised for flash.
NetApp also announced the release of three new platforms within its FAS6200 storage systems family. The FAS6220, FAS6250 and FAS6290 increase the performance and value of its high-end product line for the most stringent workloads.