Ericsson and SAP have signed an agreement to jointly market and sell cloud-based, machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions and services to enterprises via operators around the globe.
The solutions will be based on a combined software as a service (SaaS) offering from Ericsson and SAP within M2M.
The combined power of Ericsson’s services, solutions, technology and network operator infrastructure, which are powered by Ericsson Device Connection Platform & Service Enablement Platform, and enterprise business solutions from SAP powered by the SAP HANA platform will allow businesses to find better and more innovative ways to respond to customer needs even more quickly than they could before.
The announcement was made at Mobile World Congress.
Enterprises have faced barriers toward the adoption of M2M solutions, such as lack of complete multi-industry end-to-end offerings and deficiency of suitable global coverage connectivity solutions that are needed by multinational enterprises.
Ericsson and SAP are teaming up to deliver a connected cloud-based offering to operators that will remove those barriers, while at the same time adding the benefits of minimal up-front investment and faster time-to-market.
The new solutions and services will also help enhance enterprise efficiency in key business processes such as maintenance, remote service, inventory, logistics and road transport management, vending and customer experience management.
The joint M2M infrastructure and industry specific solutions will be provided by operators as a service to enterprises, and Ericsson and SAP are already discussing the model with operators.
“This announcement is a first step toward delivering on a shared vision that SAP and Ericsson have for co-innovating with our customers worldwide to help them deliver on the promise of M2M,” says Jim Hagemann Snabe, Co-CEO of SAP AG.
“Together, we will break down the barriers that prevent customer adoption of M2M solutions by delivering a simple, affordable and fast-to-implement solution. Enterprises will benefit from an offering that provides them with everything they need to connect to machines, and helps turn high volumes of data into realtime knowledge and decision-making.”
In addition to solutions and technology, Ericsson will lend its consulting, systems integration and managed services, and complementary device and applications testing, as well as verification services to facilitate a faster time-to-market, efficient use of mobile network resources and an optimised user experience.
Operators, such as M2M connectivity providers, may choose from different levels of ambition, ranging from a full enterprise M2M prime supplier to an ecosystem partner.
“The global M2M service revenue is estimated to reach more than $200-billion by 2017. This partnership gives us a chance to unlock some of that potential,” says Hans Vestberg, president and CEO of Ericsson.
“By accessing services and controlling devices with with solutions leveraging Ericsson experience from the communications industry and SAP from the enterprise segment, businesses will find better and more innovative ways to respond to customer needs more quickly.  Building an ecosystem also allows our operator customers a new way to address new markets and enterprise needs.”
The joint go-to-market model combines the assets of SAP, Ericsson and mobile operators, making it possible for enterprises to effectively connect their enterprise assets across multi-country operations with full integration to existing business processes, along with support for mobile and realtime scenarios.
This means that an enterprise needing a full end-to-end logistics solution – including M2M connectivity, applications and cloud services – can get a comprehensive solution from a mobile operator leveraging the SAP/Ericsson partnership.