T-Systems, together with Switzerland’s Document Future AG, is to present a complete solution for document management from the cloud for the first time at CeBIT 2013. With doculife, companies can edit, manage and archive all of their documents in the cloud whilst ensuring they are tamper-proof – and can do so in a highly secure private cloud if required. 
The solution meets all European security, data protection and compliance standards. T-Systems operates doculife in German cloud data centres which adhere to strict German data protection legislation.
The doculife software from the cloud can be scaled as users wish, from one user to one hundred thousand. As a result, it is suitable for companies and organisations of any size, be they public administration, law firms, realtors, insurers, banks or even large trade and industry companies.
No investment costs in new IT infrastructure are required in order to use doculife. Only the contractually agreed, calculable rental charges per user and document are incurred.
With doculife, employees can gain direct access to all digital documents via their Web browser from any PC workstation or mobile device with an Internet connection. The cloud solution can be integrated easily into Microsoft Office and Outlook and can be accessed directly from those programs.
E-mails and their attachments can be transferred easily using drag and drop operations. The solution also works as an app on the iOS platform.
In addition to the tamper-proof and legally-compliant long-term archiving of existing and finalised documents, the scheduled destruction of content and the auditable archiving procedures, above all it is the document storage in Deutsche Telekom’s data centres, which are certified to ISO IEC 27001, DIN EN ISO90001:2008 and BS 7799, which makes the cloud solution highly secure and legally compliant.
Access to files and documents is secured by the encryption of data and communication channels. Using access authorisations, it is possible to restrict access to individual files, sub-folders or documents. Access by users is logged and can therefore be traced at any time.
“This solution will resolve some of the key security concerns around cloud computing, especially with public clouds and some of the more popular ‘consumerised’ document storing solutions available. The introduction of doculife will allow businesses and consumers alike to now make use of public clouds without the traditional security risks posed,” says Roelof Louw, cloud expert at T-Systems in South Africa.
With document management from the cloud, all files such as contracts, HR files, real estate files, damage files, customer files, supplier files and inventory files can be set as resubmissions.
Thus, the program automatically reminds users of upcoming tasks that are linked with the documents in question. doculife also has search, preview and access functions. Access and editing rights ensure additional user security.
De-Mail, which allows e-mails and attachments to be sent and received securely and with evidence, is also integrated into doculife. doculife will initially be available in German and English.