Intracom Telecom, a global telecommunications systems vendor, has partnered with Communication Solutions (Comsol), a system integrator and distributor of wireless broadband infrastructure in South Africa, to supply Internet Solutions (IS) with Intracom Telecom’s innovative point-to-multi-point wireless system for one of the largest next generation LMDS networks in the continent. IS has initiated an ambitious network modernisation program, investing in the capacity upgrade and traffic management improvement of its data network, aiming to provide superior services to its existing and future customer base.
Internet Solutions, after a thorough technical evaluation and extensive testing, of the offered systems has selected Intracom Telecom’s WiBAS point-to-multi-point platform to enhance its network coverage and offer high-quality, reliable broadband services to its corporate subscribers in South Africa.
The solution design and supply was undertaken by Comsol, a company with a proven track record that provides a comprehensive range of services, in wireless networking, from planning to high-level maintenance.
WiBAS dramatically reduces deployment time and design complexity in the construction and upgrade of broadband networks, while allowing operators and ISPs to achieve significant savings in capital and operational resources.
WiBAS efficiently utilises the point-to-multi-point network architecture providing the highest capacity and the quickest connection activation for new customers in the corporate market today. This carrier class product fully preserves the service quality for demanding broadband data applications.
“WiBAS is becoming the solution of choice for many global operators for corporate access and 3G/4G backhauling. We are pleased to contribute to Internet Solutions’ business goals through our system’s unrivalled capabilities and look forward to expanding further our strong co-operation with Comsol,” says Alexandros Manos, MD of Intracom Telecom.
“Due to the delays with the releasing of viable WiMAX or LTE spectrum in South Africa, Comsol was mandated by Internet Solutions to come up with a workable alternative that could be used to effectively service Internet Solutions’ vast customer base,” says Darren Morgan chief commercial officer of Comsol.
“Through this mandate Comsol’s design team came up with the plan to use LMDS technology to provide symmetrical, high capacity connectivity to IS’ very large and bandwidth hungry customer base. After testing many products Intracom’s WiBas PtMP platform and feature rich UniMS were selected as the technology of choice.”
“Internet Solutions and Comsol have a long track record of working together to develop and deliver solutions which meet our clients last mile connectivity needs,” says Ian Isenberg, business development manager of Internet Solutions (Carrier Business Unit).
“As a result of high incidents of interference found in the unregulated spectrum and a lack of WiMax or LTE spectrum, IS had to find an alternative to its existing WiNet offerings. Clients request additional bandwidth or connectivity into both heavily saturated and under serviced areas.
“IS and Comsol, utilising Intracom’s WiBAS platform, developed the Wi-Band product, which addresses both issues. The service provides last mile un-contended connectivity ranging from 256Kbps to 10Mbps.
“Internet Solutions has already rolled out a number of Wi-Band sites and will continue with the countrywide rollout through 2013. The service is offered by Internet Solutions to its existing base of clients as well as through its wholesale channels.”