Retail IT solutions provider MarkeTech has entered into a partnership agreement with IntelliQ to deliver a loss prevention service complementary to the existing retail solutions and services it provides in the South African retail sector.
“IntelliQ, a UK-based organisation, complements MarkeTech’s existing retail solution and services,” says Sonja Leoncini, MarkeTech business development director.
“We conducted an in-depth review of the market to identify a company that could offer an innovative and well-proven retail loss prevention solution.”
Leoncini added that IntelliQ stood out in terms of skills and experience in the delivery of retail industry loss prevention solutions.
“IntelliQ’s experience and capabilities stem from  working across multiple countries and monitoring billions of transactions every year, demonstrating skills and know-how absolutely  in line with our retail offering that delivers a complete package to our customers.”
IntelliQ chief executive, Malcolm Peden, says MarkeTech brought extensive experience of the retail market as a leading provider of in-store solutions.
“IntelliQ has a history of developing value-added functionality and a tried and tested service infrastructure,” says Peden.
“The end result is a partnership that enables improved speed of implementation and business continuity through a team of analysts able to help retailers with rapid data interpretation that delivers return on investment accompanied by reduced shrinkage.”