MMD, the brand license partner for Philips Public Signage Solutions, has signed an agreement with Mustek to exclusively distribute the Philips Public Display range to the South African market. 
The Philips Public Signage Solution range includes the following:
* Basic Signage Solution with the Q-Line from 32-inch up to 46-inch full-HD LED monitors.
* Professional Signage Solution with the E-Line from 32-inch up to 65-inch full-HD public display units.
* High-end Signage Solution with the V-Line from 42-inch up to 65-inch full-HD slim bezel display units.
* Video Wall Solution with full-HD zero bezel displays from 46-inch up to 55-inch, Sunlight-Readable and E-LED display options.
* Glasses-free 3D Solution with E-LED display and integrated rendering core from 23-inch up to 55-inch.
* Multi-touch Solution, with choices between 2,6 or 32 touch points including different touch technologies from 42-inch up to 65-inch and E-LED display options.
* App it UPP! Solution with the Upgrade Public Signage Player, a new digital signage device for cloud-based content management on an Android 4.0 interface. This creates a new world of possibilities that enhance presentations and engagement with customers.
“This is an exciting addition to the Mustek Digital Signage portfolio,” says Michael McCallum, product manager for Mustek’s Digital Signage department.
“Philips is renowned for its quality, durability and low total cost of ownership (TCO) capabilities, where this range will be priced competitively within the market. Philips’ Public Display products are the perfect complement to Mustek’s range of digital signage solutions.”
Mustek has also been certified as a trusted authorised service provider (ASP) for Philips Public Signage Solutions. Stocks are available through Mustek’s national dealer network with immediate effect.