Cyberoam, the leading global network security appliances company, announced that it has become world’s first network security player and the only UTM vendor to achieve global ISO 20000:2011 certification. Assessed by Norske Veritas of UK, this certification recognises Cyberoam Global Support Management Centre (GSMC) for demonstrating excellence in post-sales product and technical support to its global customers. 
This achievement highlights Cyberoam GSMC’s capabilities in ensuring desired consistency, traceability and readiness to augment customer experience and confidence with excellent technical support services.
The ISO 20000 assessment had service strategy, design, transition, operation and continual service improvement aspects as key focus areas. A PDCA cycle ensuring strict compliance to ISO 20000 standards was followed.
In the wake of radical IT trends such as big data, mobile enterprise, cloud computing and social media based innovations, businesses have come to see Network Security extremely vital in protecting their IT infrastructure.
As they go on embracing emerging IT technologies, they expect more from their network security vendor, to experience uninterrupted business continuity and desired productivity. This is where excellent post-sales technical and product support comes to play an important role in enhancing customer experience.
“We are very pleased to have accomplished this rare feat,” says Harish Chib, senior VP, Cyberoam Technologies. “We understand that more and more organisations, irrespective of their scale, size and business nature seek to implement stronger network security backbone. They expect network security to be the strongest link in their IT infrastructure and see technical support carrying strategic importance.
“I’m glad to say we have succeeded in fulfilling our global customers’ expectations to ensure admirable quality system for post sales technical support, to help them build adequate cyber resilience. We are proud to acknowledge excellent work from our Global Support Management Centre that resulted in Cyberoam’s achievement of global ISO 20000:2011 certification.”
The certification is acknowledged as international “gold standard” in IT services management and maintained by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), and administered by accreditation and certification bodies.
ISO 20000 recognises an organisation’s conformance to globally acceptable benchmarks in upholding highest level of quality management for customer facing IT services for its products.
“With SLAs based technical and product support becoming more strategic to post sales experience, the standard is increasingly being seen as a critical benchmark in global IT industry.
“We have certified Cyberoam GSMC for the scope of IT service management system supporting the post sales technical services after successful completion of certification audit against the ISO 20001-2011 requirements,” comments Sanat Kumar Chattopadhyay, DNV lead auditor, lauding the role of Cyberoam GSMC team.
As effective IT service delivery grows more vital, many businesses strive to achieve the certification for boosting their business and customer confidence and to emerge more responsive for their partner organisations.
Cyberoam GSMC works 24/7 to monitor and evaluate customer calls on technical and quality assurance parameters, thereby providing a full suite of support services using multiple communication channels such as toll free call lines, chat and e-mail.
For smoother and faster resolution of customer queries, Cyberoam GSMC has well defined support tiers based on technical competence of its in-house taskforce. Also it has a provision of customer feedback for every issue that can be incorporated for enhanced responsiveness.