With its strategic expansion plans in South Africa, eScan, one of the leading antivirus and content security solution providers has formed a strategic alliance with Secure Lab, leading southern African IT Distributor with an aim to enhance their geographic reach. 
“According to a Cybercrime Report industry experts, South Africa hosts the third-highest number of cyber-crime victims in the world, behind only Russia and China. Moreover, with the popularity of the Internet, African countries are facing more serious network security challenges,” says Sunil Kripalani, senior VP of Global Sales and Marketing, eScan.
“Evolving cyber-threats has led security as a major concern for every IT user, be it home users or organizations. South Africa alone has seen roughly an 8% growth year-on-year in terms of PC users.
“In Malawi, PC users have grown a substantial 20% in a year. On the other hand, with the constant rise in our growth graph globally, we have exclusive expansion plans in South Africa. It is a continuous process and we continue to add more distributors such as Secure Lab who will help us to enhance our market penetration in the region.”
“With the increasing Internet dependency, IT users are becoming more security conscious when it comes to what they do on the Internet,” says Nazir Kazi, AVP – MEA.
“Credit card fraud, identity theft as well as rising SPAM and phishing attacks makes consumers more wary while shopping or banking online. Keeping in mind the continuously growing cyber-crime, at eScan we ensure that our products fulfil the constantly changing security needs of its IT users, whether it is windows, Linux, Android or Macintosh environment.”
“Secure Lab is a leading southern African service-focused distribution partner that has a wide clientele within the government and private sectors across sub-Saharan Africa, including schools, municipalities, financial institutions and manufacturing sectors.
“With its unique approach to customer engagement, we are sure that eScan’s association with them will help us improve our business and also help us fulfil our aim to provide a secured IT infrastructure to IT users in South Africa.”
“Secure Lab prides itself on assisting resellers with growing their own businesses. Secure Lab will now be driving eScan business into Sub-Saharan Africa to grow the existing customer and partner base – from resellers to sub-distributors, to distributors,” says Claire Milroy, marketing director, Secure Lab.
“Our partnership with eScan enables us to further assist our resellers by giving them greater product choice with their distributor of choice. There will also be a focus on educating our territory about the vast product range offered by eScan, which includes solutions for home and small office users, large enterprises and e-commerce.
“We are looking forward to this partnership and growing the brand within the sub-Saharan African market.”