The Notebook Company reports that sales of iPads are down 40% for the first two months of the year when compared to the same period last year. 
MD Christopher Riley says he had predicted the drop in iPad sales as consumers had over-spent over the festive season and their indebtedness is on the increase.
He notes, however, that sales of laptops were only slightly down on the first two months of 2013.
“We were expecting a slow quarter this year. In addition, Apple has introduced a slew of products which has led to a certain amount of confusion in the market. They have also, in a manner of speaking, cannibalized their product range by bringing out too many products perhaps – products that compete for market share.”
He says he expects an improvement in sales during the second quarter, but said he was not expecting any “major upturn” during March.
“We had a very good run with iPad sales during the past three years. They are probably at their lowest point for us right now. We are currently focusing more attention on our traditional line of other branded laptops,” says Riley.