Mobile service provider 8·ta has changed its 8·ta More prepaid calling product, so users will effectively pay 95 cents a minute for voice phone calls when they recharge airtime for R5 or more.

8·tahas simplified the 8·ta More prepaid voice offer, doing away with the sliding scale of free airtime awards previously in place. Meanwhile, reducing the double up offer to start at R5 for prepaid recharges means that no matter how much subscribers recharge for they will get double the airtime.

In another change, the basic call rate on prepaid voice has been standardised to R1.90 per minute for calls to all networks at all times – during both peak and off-peak.

“We know from subscriber feedback that there are too many confusing options in the market requiring complex calculations around what a call really costs off-peak and on-peak and what various deals mean,” says Attila Vitai, MD of Telkom Mobile.
“So I’m very pleased that 8·ta is able offer a straightforward flat rate of R1.90 a minute. Together with the doubling up of airtime on recharge, that effectively means 95 cents a minute, which is why we believe 8·ta offers subscribers the best value in a way that is clear to all.”

Vitai says existing 8·ta More subscribers will be automatically moved to the new pricing structure.