Bytes Systems Integration has partnered with international data integration, software and services company Volante Technologies to provide global best practice financial messaging and integration solutions for the South African financial services market.

This exclusive partnership will enable Volante to further extend its footprint into sub-Saharan Africa with a large, dynamic local player with a significant customer base and which is part of Bytes Technology Group, itself a division of JSE-listed heavyweight Altron.

Volante Technology is a global leader in the provision of innovative financial data integration technology. The firms’ infrastructure agnostic approach enables solutions to be seamlessly integrated into applications and networks, communication gateways and middleware, such as J2EE application servers, service oriented architectures (SOA) and or existing applications.

“There is an excellent fit between the two companies,” says Mark Neethling, divisional manager, Bytes Systems Integration. “Bytes has a long history in data integration and message-based services in the financial sector. We have architected and built some of the most sophisticated payment products for South Africa’s leading financial services players. Volante is a global leader in the support of the data integration standards found in the financial services industry, and it is this credibility and experience that will help us develop value-add localised solutions.

“Together we can provide solutions for customers in the financial services industries that address the key message standards compliance issues. In particular, we will provide localised software that enables   market participants to send, receive, and process new instruments without the need for major changes to the organisation’s existing systems.”

Volante maintains more than 60 pre-built plug-ins for various standards around the globe, including SWIFT MT, SWIFT MX, FIX, FpML, ISO 20022, ISO 8583, EDIFACT, X12 and more. These plug-ins are kept up-to-date with the regulatory changes and when coupled with Volante’s rapid, model-based development environment, allow organisations to efficiently build and maintain compliance.

“Organisations today continually face data integration challenges, whether they are processing external customer data or addressing internal system integration,” says Mick Fennell, GM of Volante Technologies MEA. “To help address this challenge, across all industries, various data standards and messages are defined to support the efficient exchange and processing of data. Volante technology delivers support for these data standards and messages”

He says that Bytes Systems Integration’s deep knowledge of financial systems architecture, development, and delivery within the region, will help to leverage the tools and agility that Volante provides to address the specific needs of the South African and wider African markets.

“African customers will benefit hugely from this ability to configure solutions for local capital markets, payments and cash management,  supply chain and trade finance using the flexibility of the Volante platform combined with the wider middleware infrastructure tools such as Oracle, IBM and Microsoft,” says Fennell. “Together with Bytes, we can help local clients respond with competitive agility to the on-going revolution in data exchange and integration standards.”