YahClick Go, from Vox Telecom, provides fast, transportable connectivity to organisations and businesses that may require access to the internet whilst on the move, such as broadcasters, event companies, mobile marketing vehicles, news stations, mobile offices or disaster management services.

It can be used by anyone who needs to access the internet “on the go”, says Jacques Visser, project manager for YahClick

According to Visser, YahClick Go, which is part of Vox Telecom’s suite of pioneering satellite services, can be mounted on any SUV or trailer and is lightweight enough to transport anywhere.

“The system can be operated by a single user and does not require any technical skills,” Visser explains. “The user simply presses a single button and the unit will automatically search for a connection via an auto-pointing antenna. This is particularly beneficial when broadcasting information using live streaming, as the Ka-band allows for uplink speeds of up to 3 Mbps per second. A vehicle or trailer is all that is needed.”

Visser says that the service can also be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot at events such as outdoor festivals or auctions. “It is also extremely beneficial to mobile government units that travel between remote towns for administrative or broadcasting reasons, or in the event of a disaster where media, emergency care workers and law enforcement would all be present and require connectivity.”

“While there are existing mobile systems on the market in South Africa, they generally make use of Ku-band satellite broadband. This will be the first system to make use of a Ka-band connection,” says Visser. Ka-band satellites transmit many highly focused, overlapping ‘spot beams’, each covering a relatively small area, which allows for high speeds to uplink and downlink increasingly large files and video content. “This means that YahClick Go provides faster internet at a much lower cost – even in remote areas.

“We want to make our YahClick satellite services as affordable and accessible as possible,” Visser says. “We believe that YahClick signifies a considerable, transformative shift in terms of connectivity around the country, particularly for schools, hospitals, small businesses, farms and mining companies who have not had access to reliable broadband before.”