Cisco Expo SA 2013, Sun City – Among its main announcements at this year’s Expo, Cisco unveiled a range of financing options from Cisco Capital aimed at easing the burden of the current global economic conditions on its customers.

Ross Davies, financial solutions manager, sub-Saharan Africa at Cisco Capital, says that the company has a number of options available to organisations that offer them the flexibility many of them desperately need in dealing with the current recessionary period.

“These are challenging times right around the globe and it’s a difficult place to be,” Davies says. “If you look at the problems faced by the US, by Europe and the aftermath of the Arab Spring there are a myriad of challenges facing business today. The volatility of the market is unlike anything we’ve seen in a long time.

“And all of this is slowly filtering down to South Africa,” Davies says. “We’re part of the global village and we can see the results in areas like currency fluctuations and business confidence. The situation is very challenging for anyone and it is a great opportunity for our customers and partners to utilise some of the financing options that we have on offer.

Davies says that organisations are often reluctant to look at financing options when it comes to IT, but that they could make the difference between success and failure, winning or losing a deal.

“And my key message to potential customers is talk to us,” he says. “We have the flexibility to come up with a perfect financing solution. We understand the problems facing business at present and are more than willing to help.”

Among Cisco Capital’s offerings are:

  • Technology financing – Flexible financing options for Cisco technology solutions including hardware, software and services.
  • Channel financing – With its financing partners, Cisco Capital provides credit lines and payment terms beyond Cisco’s standard 30-day term.
  • Pre-Owned equipment – The organisation is also responsible for all resale of Cisco-certified refurbished equipment including end of life product and end of lease returns.