Epson has strengthened its South African distribution base with the appointment of Raluca as a specialist distributor for its range of wide format printers.
“This appointment is part of Epson’s strategy to expand its reach into the South African public sector, parastatals, academic institutions and the corporate environment,” says Kelvin Reynolds, regional manager at Epson South Africa.
“Kabelo Ramasedi, CEO of Raluca, and her team have well-established relationships in these sectors, and will work with Epson to explore new avenues to support our growth plans for South Africa.”
“Raluca is a 100% black women owned company – a rare combination in an industry that has, until now, been dominated by men. We offer a combination of significant industry experience and knowledge that is further enhanced by our commitment to working with the public and private sectors to customise the best possible solutions for each client’s requirements,” says Bernadette Thompson, MD of Raluca.
“The team at Raluca is so passionate about the Epson brand that we have chosen to focus exclusively on its products,” adds Thompson.
“One of our key offerings is the Epson SureColour & Stylus Pro range of wide format printers which can print up to 64-inches wide, making them an ideal choice for professionals in the technical, architecture, mapping, indoor signage and poster production environments.”
The Epson SureColour range of wide format printers, consisting of the SC-T3000, SC-T5000 and SC-T7000 models is ideal for CAD and GIS applications, offering fast, reliable printing on coated and non-coated media.
“The SureColour range is perfect for applications where speed and economy are paramount. The printers are quick and easy to set up, with no special training required, and easily track how much paper is used via media barcode printing,” says Reynolds.
“This range of functionality makes it a great fit for university architecture departments, as well as various engineering, construction and scientific organisations,” Reynolds adds.
“The combination of environment-friendly devices and consumables, small footprints, high quality, durable inks and Epson’s focus on energy efficiency, really sets us ahead of our competitors’ offerings in this wide-format sector.”
Raluca operates across South Africa, with its experienced team of professionals determined to become the face of Epson.
“We believe in supporting our clients through the whole process of identifying solutions to meet their business needs,’ says Thompson. “Raluca has the skills and support from Epson to be a valuable part of the business process, offering long-term value in the relationships that we nurture with our channel.”