Sophos has strengthened its network security offerings with two enhanced high-end unified threat management (UTM) appliances. These include Sophos UTM 525 and 625 as well as the new Sophos RED 50 (Remote Ethernet Device), the first security solution to offer complete and centrally managed UTM for medium-sized branch offices. 
With these updates and additions, Sophos extends UTM, Next Generation Firewall and branch office security to the enterprise by improving throughput speeds and performance as well as offering additional flexible deployment options.
To accommodate the needs of larger organisations, Sophos has included performance and flexibility enhancements in its new enterprise appliances. The new appliances see a 300% increase in firewall throughput speeds to 40Gbps, as well as the option of field-replaceable LAN modules, which extend the UTM appliances.
This allows organisations to configure the Sophos UTM devices and Next Generation Firewall features to scale their deployments for use in any size organisation – even where multiple 10Gbps-Ethernet connections are required.
The company has also released a larger RED model, which offers increased performance, enhanced connectivity capabilities and new operational functions. The Sophos RED 50 appliance has throughput speeds of more than 300Mbps, 10-times faster than RED 10 devices, and are ideal for organiations that need to send larger files, run daily data backups or protect large branch office networks.
Sophos RED 50 also comes with a four-port gigabit switch and two gigabit WAN interfaces. These ports can be connected to two Internet connections at once, allowing for the bandwidth load balancing or failover capabilities many larger branch offices require.
“IT departments at larger organisations are beginning to recognise the benefit of protecting their networks with UTM and next generation firewall solutions. However, enterprises require a higher level of performance than SMBs, due to network size,” says Brett Myroff, CEO of Sophos distributor, NetXactics.
“Sophos’ new hardware models make it possible for enterprises to reap the benefits of protecting a network with a UTM device without sacrificing performance and security.”