Mobility is an essential element in this day and age, and protecting hardware while on the move is vital. Protect assets by wrapping it in a protective skin with the latest range of Targus slipcases from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC). 
The Targus Pulse TSS57401EU is compatible with 15-inch to 15.6-inch laptops, and the protective wrapping ensures the device is not scratched or damaged while on the move. The lightweight skin is available in purple or black and is completely durable.
Available in black and grey, the Targus Pulse TSS586EU is the ideal slipcase for a laptop, ultrabook or Macbook. The interior lining is made of neoprene to prevent scratches and damage and is suitable for 13-inch to 14,1-inch laptops.
“These well designed and fashionable looking slipcases are easy to use and provide all the convenience one would expect without the bulky look and feel. Not taking a lot of space, these slipcases are perfect to take everywhere and anywhere,” says Heinrich Pretorius, Targus product specialist at DCC.
The Targus slipcase provides functional design with an added pocket for all extra accessories. Lightweight design and padded handles makes carrying a laptop more comfortable than ever before. With this new Targus range, laptops are safe and sound while in transit.
“The Targus slipcase has a sophisticated design with subtle zip colours, giving consumers style at an affordable price. The slipcase is also robust for people always on the go and is a safe and comfortable ‘bag in a bag,” adds Pretorius.