MTN’s One4ALL price plan is the company’s latest price plan offering to its prepaid market, with customers guaranteed to pay just two cents per second on any local call, to any network.
Customers can make calls for two cents per second at all time periods (peak and off-peak), from anywhere in South Africa and to any local network.
“MTN’s One4ALL price plan offers simplicity and makes it easy for the customer to know and understand the pricing applied per call. It’s suitable to customers who want the flexibility to make calls, regardless of the time of day or the destination network,” says Serame Taukobong, chief marketing officer at MTN SA.
“One4ALL is a true per-second billing flat rate price plan in the prepaid category. If a customer talks for eight seconds on a call, they will pay only 16 cents – and nothing more,” he adds.
“Customers are continually looking for value-adding offers to meet their needs for affordability. MTN understands its customers’ calling patterns and are aware that customers often don’t make long calls, but are unfairly expected to pay for a full minute regardless of the duration of their call – essentially paying for what they haven’t used.
“With MTN’s One4ALL two cents per-second price plan, customers need only pay for what they have used.”
The new MTN One4ALL price plan has been available to MTN Pay as you Go customers from 6 March 2013.