In 2012, YouTube views in South Africa increased by 80%, while the number of video uploads grew by 30%. 
This is according to Jared Molko, YouTube partnership manager at Google South Africa, who adds that, in sub-Saharan Africa, YouTube views rose by 90% and video uploads grew by 40% from the previous year, with South Africa leading the region with the most playbacks. Globally, viewers watched four billion hours of video footage a month.
“From discovering global pop sensations to reinventing the classroom, the YouTube community is transforming entertainment and shaping the culture of our times. It’s great to see South Africans playing an active role in this,” says Molko.
The site’s new design underscores its focus on channels, which has led to an increase in engagement on YouTube.
“The creators of these YouTube channels are succeeding now more than ever before,” says Luke Mckend, Google SA country manager.
“Revenue from the YouTube Partnership Programme, where partners get a portion of the ad revenue generated on their sites, has doubled globally for the fourth consecutive year, and thousands of these partners are receiving up to six figures annually – in dollars.
“In South Africa, our partners are earning 60% more than a year ago, which shows the potential of YouTube as a business tool.
“The top 100 global advertisers on YouTube spent over 50% more on the platform in 2012 than in the previous year. YouTube has the power to directly target customers, a factor that is invaluable to any organisation.  In addition, on average, spending on YouTube was approximately 2,4 times more efficient than the equivalent television spend,” he concludes.