TruTeq Devices, which focuses on providing wireless connectivity solutions to all market sectors – including the likes of Eskom and Sasol – has signed a joint venture agreement with Interlock Systems, an engineering design and manufacturing company specialising in the development of niche products for problems related to vandalism and theft.
In terms of the joint venture, TruTeq Devices will supply its Smartoo modem and router family of products, a revolutionary new concept that allows users to remotely run, and monitor, a wide range of business and home-based utilities and facilities.
Interlock Systems, which focuses on a wide range of markets, and boasts clients that include the Department of Water Affairs and the Metropolitan Water Board, supplies bespoke enclosures that are frequently used to house telemetry and remote monitoring equipment.
Neil van Rensburg, MD of Interlocking Systems, says: “TruTeq’s Smartoo modem range offers us with the perfect solution for a number of our clients and applications. There are a myriad of niche markets where our joint solution could be leveraged, including in the provision of secure bore holes, irrigation systems and generators for farmers, electricity and water solutions, heavy industry solutions and CCTV equipment.”
Derick Roberts, CEO of TruTeq Devices, says the joint venture agreement, which is effective from 1 March, could result in “an important revenue stream” for the company.
“In terms of the agreement TruTeq will be providing Interlock Systems with its  Smartoo modem solutions offerings, including our SPRi routers. We will be focusing on a range of wireless solutions, including the agricultural sector- where there is a dire need for securing equipment such as alarm systems, irrigation systems, boreholes and generators.
“Our telemetry, diagnostic and remote monitoring solutions are wireless Internet solutions and are able to be run off cellular phones. Our Smartoo solution fits perfectly with Interlock Systems’ many hardware offerings,” says Roberts.
This includes secure enclosures, cabinets, huts and hut doors, sensor housings, access control, secure doors, manhole covers, rain gauges, solar panels and general safety equipment.