Innovation Group, in conjunction with Santam and IntegriSure, last week became the first insurer, binder holder and service provider to process a live batch of insurance policies through the Astute switch for Stride.
Stride was formed as an industry initiative to enable binder holders and insurers to share data, in a standard format, through a secure electronic connection, to optimise data sharing, processing and reuse.
The Stride solution is based on two pillars, one being the technical solution and the other the SA Acord XML Standard.
“Innovation Group is committed to creating pioneering technology solutions for the short term insurance industry and to enabling clients to become future-ready. This is a tremendous achievement for all parties involved and the first steps in creating a sustainable future for players within the short term insurance industry,” says Christine Sheffield, CIO of Innovation Group South Africa.
“I would like to congratulate all parties involved on a job well done.”
“We would like to congratulate the three project teams of Santam, IntegriSure and Innovation Group with a successful project following a lot of hard work and dedication. A special word of thanks has to go out to the Astute team as well for their dedication which ensured that we reach this very important milestone,” says Jenny Theunissen, marketing and operations manager at Stride.
“This is truly a watershed moment and all the individuals involved should be very proud of their contribution to a new and exciting future for the South African short term insurance industry.”
Jan de Klerk, CIO of Santam, says: “We commend what is a significant achievement for the industry. The work of our partners at Innovation Group and IntegriSure as well as the commitment from all stakeholders has delivered a milestone worthy of applaud as we work to improve the industry’s effectiveness and compliance.
“This type of initiative is complex in the sense that it took multiple development teams across different technology platforms to standardise integration of data via the Stride switch provided by Astute.”
“IntegriSure is proud to be part of this significant achievement and it is with appreciation that we not only acknowledge, but also congratulate the Innovation Group for its proven ability to deliver,” says Helen Szemerei, group CEO of IntegriSure.