Fujitsu has introduced a new solution intended to provide peace-of-mind for small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) that rely on ICT to optimise their business.
Launched at CeBIT, the new Fujitsu PRIMERGY CX420 introduces simplified clustering technology designed to help extend system uptime and protect business continuity in the event of an ICT system failure.
Companies of all sizes in all market segments increasingly rely on ICT to run their business. This has increased the impact of an unplanned system failure, such as a server crash. For a company taking orders online, unplanned server downtime may have disastrous consequences in terms of lost and delayed orders.
Until now, sophisticated failover technology promising greater uptime – and therefore better business continuity – has been too expensive and complicated for small and mid-size businesses. Fujitsu is changing that with the introduction of its new PRIMERGY CX420 dual-node cluster server, which is designed to deliver system high availability (HA) for organisations with limited ICT expertise and budgets.
As simple to run as an everyday industry-standard server, the new PRIMERGY CX420 provides added assurance through built-in system failover, ensuring that technology glitches have a minimal impact on day-to-day business.
The PRIMERGY CX420 S1 is a dual-node cluster server platform, meaning that it is made up of two individual PRIMERGY CX272 S1 server nodes located side-by-side within the unit. It leverages new high availability features provided with Microsoft Windows Server 2012 to introduce clustering at a new lower price point than ever before.
Should one of the two cluster nodes fail, then the system fail-safe triggers an automatic start for the other, which will normally be online and fully functional within minutes. This process is known as failover and although it does not provide continuous uptime in the case of a system failure, it does minimise unplanned downtime and service disruption.
Ready to run out-of-the-box, the Fujitsu PRIMERGY CX420 comes packed with internal shared storage space, meaning that additional external storage is usually no longer needed. Complicated hard drive RAID controllers are also replaced by simpler and cheaper Serial Attached SCSI via a Host Bus Adaptor, while the built-in Storage Spaces functionality in Windows Server 2012 provides a less capital-intensive approach.
“Unplanned server downtime costs time and money, not to mention the inconvenience. Today, SMBs rely on ICT just as much as large enterprises, but have been held back from implementing high availability technology due to the cost and complexity,” says Uwe Neumeier, VP, PRIMERGY business at Fujitsu Technology Solutions.
“We are addressing this with the new Fujitsu PRIMERGY CX420 server, which is in a class of its own, offering a proven and affordable out-of-the-box server solution designed to prevent IT downtime, without the big-business price tag.”