Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, has showcased its BYOD solutions to cater for the introduction of omnichannel banking in the African market, at the Future Bank Africa event 2013. 
Future Bank is part of a series of shows which is taking place at the Sandton Convention Centre this week, including the 13th Annual Cards & Payments World Africa.
Technology innovations over the past decade have radically altered the way people communicate and this rapid socialisation and commoditisation of technology has transformed the financial services sector probably more than any other industry.
During this period, consumer banking has gone from slowly offering Internet banking to the point now where consumers expect to interact with their bank across all of the various devices and media types that they use in their everyday lifestyle – voice and video enquiries on-demand, account transactions, electronic payments, transfers, social media interactions to e-wallets.
“The major challenges for banks today are to provide more personalised services with a common look and feel across all channels as well as grappling with enormous amounts of data that needs to be captured, analysed, and put to profitable use by the bank and to meet consumer expectations,” says Ronald Fons, global head of Financial Services Industries at Huawei Technologies.
During the key note address, Huawei illustrated how omnichannel is actually a complex symbiotic relationship between traditional consumer banking products and channels, the transformations taking place in workflow processes so that a common experience is delivered to the consumer, and how the pervasiveness of social networking technologies is bringing radical change to the consumer banking sector, not only in terms of how banks must interact with their customers but just as important, how internal communications and business processes within the bank are changing as well.
“We have been actively building on Huawei’s extensive technical expertise and industry experience to deliver customer-centric innovations in the financial sector, offering innovative and highly efficient ICT solutions and services retail banks in Africa.
“Moving forward, we will continue to lead the industry transformation and address the rising needs of BYOD, striving to serve as an optimal ICT partner to help the financial industry accelerate the process of informatisation,” adds Ronald Fons.
Huawei’s BYOD offerings include a Virtual Mini Bank (VMB) which can implement up to 90% of teller/over-the-counter transactions, as well as desktop cloud terminals which enhance security controls whilst at the same time, improve efficiency of IT operations and maintenance.
Throughout the two-day Future Bank event, Huawei will be engaging with customers and partners and sharing views on the new Omnichannel World, where specialists will share more about Huawei’s strategy and solutions to cope with the rising trend, as well as share success cases on how Huawei has helped customers address the opportunities and challenges through its innovative BYOD solutions and enhanced user experience. Huawei’s exhibition stand is located on Level 0, in Exhibition Hall 1, at Stand A17.