Samsung Electronics South Africa has announced a partnership with AlwaysOn to offer a data service that will provide all new and existing Samsung smart device users with 1Gb of free WiFi access per month, for 12 months – at more than 1 200 AlwaysOn hotspots around South Africa. 
“The partnership with AlwaysOn is a natural extension of our value proposition to our customers. We live in the connected age and it makes sense for Samsung to incorporate a service offering that combines innovative mobile devices with national wireless connectivity,” says Craige Fleischer, director of mobile communications at Samsung Electronics South Africa.
This sees customers receive 1Gb of free wireless data monthly for 12 months, for every Samsung mobile WiFi-enabled device owned. By not limiting the amount of data to the customer but rather the device, Samsung is enabling users to enjoy a connected experience across all their mobile products.
Users will be able to access the hotspots through the AlwaysOn application available on the local app marketplace (for smartphones and tablets) or via a Web browser (for feature phones). The service will be offered retrospectively to WiFi enabled devices sold in the past three years.
“We recognise the fact that people own multiple mobile devices to suit their digital lifestyle requirements. This offering is our way of thanking our local customers for their loyal support. It is also indicative of our investment in expanding the Samsung eco-system of service offerings for a more integrated experience for our consumers,” adds Fleischer.
“In the coming month consumers are sure to see a number of such content based offerings come to the fore and we believe that this is the start of very exciting times for the Samsung brand – when it comes to identifying and delivering on our consumer’s needs and preferences.”
Nico Pretorius, MD at AlwaysOn, says: “As a leading player in the mobile market, Samsung presented the ideal partner for AlwaysOn.
“This affiliation provides AlwaysOn with a broader customer base, while in turn, we can offer Samsung users substantial WiFi coverage across the country.
“These new offerings to our extensive stable of media and value added services provide our customers with a more integrated lifestyle experience without the need to carry additional devices. It is also a natural extension of the partnership with AlwaysOn to give people more solutions that meet their business and lifestyle needs,” he concludes.