Most companies fail to pay adequate attention to securing corporate mobile devices and the data stored on them. In particular, 34% of the respondents said their companies did not use dedicated mobile device management (MDM) solutions.
These are among the findings of a survey conducted by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International of more than 5 000 senior IT managers from companies around the world.
Other key findings include:
* 34% of companies do not use MDM solutions to protect their business;
* 15% of them do not plan to do so in the future;
* 29% of companies have only partially implemented MDM solutions; and
* 28% of companies have fully implemented an MDM solution.
Mobile threats have evolved dramatically over the last two years. As more and more Android devices have come online, so the amount of malware targeting Google’s operating system has seen explosive growth.
Meanwhile, bring your own device (BYOD) policies are increasingly popular, with more and more employees actively using their personal devices for work, such as for accessing company e-mail.
If a company does not regulate the use of personal smartphones and tablet PCs accessing the corporate IT infrastructure, it’s only a matter of time before confidential information starts to leak out of the system. A breach could be caused by a malware infection or an employee losing a device; the result is the same – data is lost or, worse, falls into the wrong hands.
To address the problems of personal and corporate mobile devices, dedicated MDM solutions are already in use at 28% of companies. Another 29% have partially implemented MDM. However, partial implementation cannot ensure the security of all mobile devices and the data stored in them.