Talia and Newtec are pleased to announce the provision of a new satellite communications backbone infrastructure for AGSM.MOBI, a Mobile operator in Somalia. Based on Newtec’s FlexACM technology, the network will enable reliable mobile voice, data, and payment services throughout Somalia.
Somalia is a country in the midst of rapid economic and social change. With a population of more than 10-million, mobile connections have risen dramatically in the past two years to exceed 3-million connections and are expected to reach more than 5-million by 2015.
“The communications infrastructure for mobile calling, payments, and data services have to be rock-solid,” says Abdullahi Abdi Hussein, president and CEO, ASGSM.MOBI.
“Talia have extensive experience in providing such services, and with Newtec technology, we are getting a reliable, cost-effective service based on industry-leading technology.”
The AGSM.MOBI network will be hosted at the Talia Teleport and other places, and Talia will provide connectivity as a managed service, interconnecting with co-located ASGSM.MOBI equipment. The satellite network will run over a fully-redundant Newtec hub.
“The current absence of a national telecommunications infrastructure in Somalia, along with the ever-growing need for voice and mobile data, make satellite communications a natural fit,” says Alan Afrasiab, president and CEO of Talia.
“And Newtec FlexACM technology was the natural fit for the technology – fast, efficient and offering the best mix of reliability and cost possible.”
FlexACM is an end-to-end solution combining a range of technologies to optimise IP trunking and IP backbone satellite links in the most efficient way. FlexACM can double data rates in the same bandwidth without the need to acquire extra satellite capacity.
“We are very excited to be working with Talia and integrating FlexACM to optimise the satellite link and ensure that it is robust even in conditions of dust and rain fade – which can be a challenge in the sub-Saharan and tropical regions in Somalia,” says Serge van Herck, CEO of Newtec.
“The auto-adaptive technology incorporated inside Newtec’s FlexACM takes care of any fading condition, interference (noise and distortion) or variation in the satellite link. This avoids link and data losses to provide optimal service availability.”