Vox Telecom says its broadband satellite service, YahClick, has signed more than 1 000 customers since the end of last year – meaning that households and businesses throughout South Africa are experiencing high-speed Internet via its Ka-band satellite service.
Satellites such as Ku- and C-band have been used locally for a number of years, but the YahClick satellite is the first Ka-band satellite in Africa. It is a particularly attractive offering to businesses and private home users in outlying areas, as the service is available in most regions of the country – even rural South Africa.
“We find that rural communities use the service as a primary means of accessing the Internet and related services such as making calls, but it’s also a great option for urban users that can’t get access to ADSL or don’t have a stable GSM connection in their area. It’s also perfect as a cost-effective backup solution,” says Jacques Visser, Vox Telecom’s YahClick project manager.
The installation requires a satellite dish and a router – comparable to a DSTV installation – and is cost effective (service plans start from under R200 per month). Vox Telecom has highly trained installers across the country to ensure that customers, even in remote locations, have access to reliable technical support and fast installations.
“There is no longer any need to worry about fixed line availability or poor signal strength,” says Visser. “Installation is quick and hassle-free so that you can access fast, reliable Internet almost immediately.”
YahClick can also be bundled with some of Vox Telecom’s other products, including the Vox Supafone, which will give the customer access to both voice-prioritised calls and data.
“YahClick is the answer that so many people have been looking for. The demand has been significant,” says Visser. “We’ll be passing the 1 500 customer mark shortly.”
Vox Telecom will also offer business and select home-based customers, who place an order between now and 31 May, free hardware and installation, which includes the cost of the actual satellite dish and router.