LOOPHOLD Security Distribution has announced the availability of Barracuda Networks’ first firewall with a full next-generation feature set designed to meet the needs of small and mid-sized organisations, known as Barracuda Firewall.
Next-generation firewalls add the ability to inspect traffic more deeply than just at the level of network protocol and port, in order to regain control over today’s evasive applications. In addition, they relate this information to individual users, enabling granular regulation of traffic.
“The release of Barracuda’s firewall is providing the SME market with next-generation firewall technology at an appropriate price to suit their budgets,” says Martin Tassev, MD at LOOPHOLD Security Distribution.
“Furthermore, the firewall solution delivers enterprise functionality to this market, ensuring their company information is safe and secure. This too creates opportunities for resellers to tap into this market with a next-generation firewall solution that delivers an attractive value proposition.”
Key highlights of the Barracuda Firewall include:
* Power of the cloud – Barracuda Firewall leverages the power of the cloud for centralised management and content filtering, with the elasticity of unlimited resources;
* Next-generation capabilities – Barracuda Firewall provides layer 7 application control for granular application awareness, user visibility and intelligent traffic management; and
* Easy to use – with centralised, cloud-based management and simple yet powerful controls, Barracuda Firewall requires no specialised training or personnel to install, configure, and manage.
Besides allowing detailed control over users and applications, the Barracuda Firewall eliminates the need for costly high-capacity backup links by aggregating disparate links such as MPLS, T1, DSL, cable, and 3G.
It balances and shapes traffic among links according to policies based on applications, traffic loads and link status. Since many applications are cloud based, multi-link management ensures customers that the cloud is permanently reachable with adequate quality of service (QoS) even when less costly broadband links are used. Link failover, QoS and aggregation are easy to configure and included with every Barracuda Firewall.