IT service management (ITSM) innovator Marval has once again successfully passed the latest ISO/IEC 20000:2011 audit, the worldwide standard for ITSM. The company has now held this certification since its introduction in 2005. 
The compliance requirements for ISO/IEC 20000:2011 meant that some additional planning and control evidence needed to be in place before the 2005 version of the scheme expires in June 2013.
New key areas that Marval needed to demonstrate adherence to in order to comply within the latest version of the standard, given the scope of certification, included planning to implement new or changed services, information security management and supplier management.
“As co-authors of the ISO 20000 standard and world-renowned thought leaders in continual service improvement, it is important for Marval to adhere to the requirements for certification.
“Recertification on the latest iteration of this standard assures Marval customers around the world, including South Africa, that the company is an expert in the field and complies with the standards and requirements we help our customers to achieve,” says Edward Carbutt, executive director at Marval South Africa.
Although Marval was already complying with much of the new standard, the company recognised at the beginning of 2012 that they needed to enhance change management policies, process and procedures to include additional impact assessment, design and reporting areas.
The information security management process was also strengthened with additional documentation, controls and evidence of business-wide communication.
In many aspects, Marval was ahead of the game when it came to certification on the new standard, as a result of several factors. The company has been continually improving its processes and procedures since its original certification (against BS15000).
Marval had also aligned its approach to improvements identified in the ITIL refresh, and had gathered the evidence required within its integrated ITSM software tool, MSM.
“It is a great achievement by our IT support team. Passing the audit with flying colours and without any non-conformances gives our customers comfort and confidence that the proper process and procedures are in place for Marval to deliver support to the highest possible standard,” concludes Don Page, CEO of Marval.