First Distribution has signed an agreement with WHIPTAIL, the data storage-industry innovator powering faster and more energy-efficient computing for today’s global businesses via flash storage, to distribute their products throughout southern Africa.
WHIPTAIL’s INVICTA is a next-generation NAND flash storage array that provides highly scalable IOPS, total system throughput, and ultra-low latency at groundbreaking price for performance, while ACCELA offers an unsurpassed high-performance solid-state data storage solution.
Installed worldwide in numerous mission-critical database, virtualisation, and online environments, WHIPTAIL’s solid-state storage dramatically reduces delays related to hard disk contention and access times, allowing servers to process more data in dramatically less time – months to days, hours to minutes.
First Distribution has strong representation by its vendors in the storage arena, having well-set and established vendor relationships with IBM, EMC, Oracle, Huawei, and Iomega. The latest agreement with WHIPTAIL adds further strength and depth to the company’s already impressive storage portfolio.
Having taken note of the rapidly-emerging industry trend towards big data, and the accompanying storage needs, First Distribution has shored up its storage division accordingly. Solid-state drives are a highly promising emerging technology, and integrate well with First Distribution’s reputation for distributing innovative and industry-leading products and solutions.
“Flash storage is everywhere these days, and while it’s common in mobile devices, it’s now also gaining traction within the traditional storage sphere of high-performance desktop computers, servers, and enterprise-scale storage systems,” says Ludwig Dedekind, GM of First Distribution.
“I think we’re going to start seeing it becoming increasingly attractive for businesses to switch to flash memory, as it does not have the mechanical limitations of hard drives – as well as being faster and less noisy and consuming less power. Flash storage technology is also continuing to improve in maturity, cost, and reliability.
“One of the features which I really admire about WHIPTAIL is its use of innovative data acceleration software to bring enterprise-level I/O speeds to users without any of the hardware degradation that these speeds usually entail.
“WHIPTAIL’s flash-based NAND silicon storage is exactly the kind of leading technology which First Distribution prides itself on distributing. We’re very pleased to have signed the agreement with them, and look forward to working together with them in the future.”
Brian Feller, VP and GM of WHIPTAIL EMEA, sees uptake of Flash-based storage in enterprise environments on the rise.
“IT managers are realising that traditional spinning disks are no longer able to deliver the quality of end-user experience expected when it’s ‘business as usual’ at stake. Big data applications and continuing pressure to make rapid decisions mean companies are struggling to move data fast enough. There is strong demand for technology to increase performance in these areas.
“Organisations are increasingly turning to flash storage to provide the resilience required in performance-intensive, mission-critical environments.
“Flash has historically been perceived as prohibitively expensive, with short lifecycles and lower write capacities than traditional storage – but we are shattering those myths and providing First Distribution’s customers with the ability to dramatically cut their storage total cost of ownership while moving data faster than ever,” he concludes.