The National Gambling Board (NGB), as the agency of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) that is responsible for the oversight of matters relating to casinos, gambling, betting and wagering in South Africa, is subject to severe security requirements. 
In order to achieve compliance with the DTI’s standards and requirements, the regulator approached the SBD Group to install a turnkey security solution in the NGB’s new offices.
SBD, an existing partner of the NGB, was provided with the specifications around what was needed, and proposed a complete solution that included access control, a full biometric system, and a full audio-visual installation in the regulator’s main boardroom which included video conferencing.
The foundation of this comprehensive system lies in the video cameras, and SBD turned to its distributor of choice, Miro, for the cameras as well as the switches and software required to run the installation.
“We proposed the Vivotek range of cameras to the client because of the quality of the product,” says SBD’s Adrian Kriel.
“We installed the full range of cameras – from the fish eyes to the domes, and everything in between – as well as the switches and Vast software to run the system.”
The Vivotek range of cameras offers excellent picture clarity, delivering extremely clear and detailed images, making them ideal for an environment like the NGB offices.
Ideal for locations and situations requiring accurate identification, the Vivotek cameras support tamper detection, which detects data loss from camera tampering in realtime. When the camera is blocked, redirected, or spray-painted, security staff will be alerted immediately in accordance with the camera settings.
In order to adapt to constantly changing lighting conditions, the outdoor cameras feature a removable IR-cut filter as well as IR illuminators effective up to 15 metres for superior image quality around the clock. For protection against harsh outdoor environments, the cameras are encased in IP66-rated housings and weather-proof casings to withstand rain and dust.
“We opted to use Miro, and the Vivotek range, for three simple reasons: the clarity of the cameras, the sustainability of the solution, and good service,” says Kriel.
“In addition to the excellent service we are used to receiving, Miro’s assistance on this project was exceptional because we were given a very short turnaround time. Izelle Vermeulen was phenomenal. We had a week to get all of the products in, and somehow she managed to make it happen.”
Vermeulen explains that Miro’s focus on customer service, as well as her longstanding relationship with SBD, made delivery on the tight deadline non-negotiable. The entire project lasted two months, with very few installation issues. Where there were a few teething problems with the software, Kriel says that Miro helped resolve the issues within days.
“The software provides a powerful hierarchical system for an unlimited amount of stations and cameras with full functionality for diverse applications. In a complex installation like this, it is essential that everything functions perfectly. Miro’s products and service helped ensure that it did.”