Take advantage of enterprise-class storage at entry-level prices with the new Huawei OceanStor S2200T Storage Systems from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC). 
Designed to meet the ever increasing number and complexity of storage applications without compromising on security and continuity, the S2200T is capable of supporting database Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) / Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), digital media, video surveillance, centralised storage, backup, disaster recover, data migration and more.
Featuring industry-leading hardware specifications and incorporating advanced technology including enriched interface, hot-swappable I/O module, powerful system performance optimisation and diversified data protection technology, the S2200T is perfect for today’s complex storage needs.
“The S2200T is ideal for high performance storage environments, as it is capable of supporting a wide variety of applications. One unique feature of the S2200T is the ability to support both Ethernet and fibre channel host connectivity in the same controller chassis.
“The versatile S2200T system is also capable of utilising Near-Line SAS drives, SATA or SAS drives in the same enclosure. NL-SAS drives have a particularly attractive price point for applications which demand higher reliability and more robust performance than SATA drives. The 8Gb fibre channel connectivity reduces the incidence of bottlenecks and further improves performance,” says Raul Del Fabbro, storage division manager at DCC.
“With all these features, the device is priced at an entry-level point, enabling a wider range of users to take the initial step of implementing a performance SAN with a storage system which will grow with the company’s data storage requirements. The aggressive pricing structure also allows our resellers to take advantage of healthier margins,” he adds.
The S2200T offers high flexibility and scalability, with industry-leading hardware specifications including 64-bit multi-core processors, high speed cache, up to 32Gbps bandwidth for internal data exchange, and SAS 2.0 wide-port back-end channels.
It supports multiple disk types for on-demand configuration and multiple host connectivity, including Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) or fibre channel, as well as systems with combined fibre channel and iSCSI storage area network (SAN) networking.
This helps to increase storage resource sharing, IT infrastructure utilisation and cost-effectiveness. The S2200T is highly scalable, supporting 12 1Gbps iSCSI ports and eight 8Gbps fibre channel ports, with support for up to 256 hosts and up to 132 hard disks, meeting a variety of capacity expansion requirements.
High availability and reliability is delivered through hot-swappable I/O modules, power failure protection and advanced data protection technology. Disk pre-copy technology proactively checks for failing disks and migrates the data, reducing the risk of system degradation and data loss.
Easy to use management and maintenance tools allow users to complete basic configuration in just five steps, and on-demand scalability enhances the life cycle of this affordable storage solution.
“The S220T is also environmentally friendly, with several green features. These include disk spin down, which lowers overall power consumption by around 40%, and a 16-level intelligent fan speed control which tunes the fans’ power consumption and noise by adjusting rotational speed.
“Intelligent CPU frequency control automatically adjusts the CPU operating frequency according to workload, which again lowers overall power consumption, and the option for a DC power supply offer more effective and efficient power consumption,” Del Fabbro concludes.
The Huawei OceanStor S2200T is available immediately from selected resellers.