The local software industry, although still in its infancy, will benefit from investments under the Industrial Policy Action Plan (IPAP) 2013/2014 outlined by the Department of Trade & Industry (DTI). 
Minister Rob Davies, in presenting the IPAP, points out that if South Africa software developers are able to compete globally there is significant potential to service the local market while exporting software to other countries.
Currently, a number of key constraints limit South Africa’s ability to compete on the world market.
These include the high cost of funding for certification and the time taken to become certified, limited awareness of the importance of certification and low levels of certification know-how, limited information on software development countries and capabilities, a lack of expert-ready software, and scepticism on the role government can play in this industry.
The IPAP proposes the Software Development Process Improvement Programme to assist in overcoming these constraints and enabling South Africa to compete internationally.
The programme aims to improve the quality of South African software through process improvement training – using Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) and Team Software Process (TSP) methods – and through better alignment of product development with domestic and global requirements.
It will also ensure the participation of unemployed graduates as part of the skills developments and capacity building exercises.
By doing this, it is hoped awareness of the important of quality systems certification will be raised, improving the quality of South African software companies and supporting the take-up of an internationally recognised quality system certification of developers.
Agreements have been signed with an implementing agency and funds secured through the Employment Creation Fund to drive the initiative. In addition, selection criteria have been agreed and a curriculum developed as part of a pilot project.
It is believed this will enhance the competitiveness of local software companies, create a breakthrough in market access of developers, and result in large-scale absorption of high-skilled employees.