South Africa’s biggest gaming service provider, MWEB Gaming, has teamed up with international brands Mad Catz, Tritton and Gunnar Optics, to re-open the PS3 Autumn Ladders for the Razer Black Ops 2 Super 8. 
The Autumn Ladder Challenge will run from 11 April until 29 May, with the Super 8 Single Elimination on 8 June.
Mad Catz, Tritton and Gunnar Optics are sponsoring prizes for the top three finishers in support of the PS3 community: first place wins four Mad Catz MLG controllers and four pairs of Gunnar glasses; second place wins four Tritton AX180 gaming headsets; and third place wins four pairs of Gunnar glasses.
After the success of the Black Ops 2 Beta Ladder, where 54 PlayStation teams competed, there have been some tweaks to the Autumn Ladder.
These include a new rating system to calculate relative skill levels of the teams; mode and map rotation; combining Hardpoint, Capture the Flag and Search and Destroy into one match and limiting teams to six players.
The Super 8 will be made up of the teams that finish in the top 8 of the ladder at the close of play on 29 May 2013. These eight teams will then compete in a single elimination tournament, with their positions providing seeding for the matches. Users can watch live the via the MWEB GameZone streaming page.
“The PlayStation 3 community put in incredible performances in our Black Ops 2 Beta ladder,” says Desmond Kurz, online gaming manager at MWEB. “They proved their enthusiasm for competitive gaming in 616 matches on Beta and we look forward to seeing them show up in force for the Autumn Ladders.”
Registration closes on 10 April 2013, so anyone who has not signed their team up to compete in the challenges beginning on 11 April had better get to it.
To find out how to register a team check out the new addition to MWEB GameZone site or join the community on Twitter or Facebook.