Hospital revitalisation initiatives serve as a major driver for the demand of improved medical imaging equipment within the public healthcare sector. Growth of the market within the private sector is increasing in proportion to the rapidly emerging technology within the medical imaging space, as private healthcare end users seek to obtain a competitive advantage. 
“It is expected that private radiology practices will continue to intentionally invest in advanced medical imaging equipment as a strategy to remain competitive,” observed Frost & Sullivan’s Healthcare Research Analyst, Shalena Naidoo.
“There is increased involvement by the private sector in addressing healthcare issues in the country, especially through public-private partnerships (PPPs). This creates opportunities for vendors and manufacturers to become official suppliers of medical imaging equipment.”
Frost & Sullivan recently presented a web-conference entitled “Features, Strategies and Promises of Medical Imaging in South Africa”.
The Webinar highlights the dynamics of the South African medical imaging market, with specific reference to five key device segments including general X-rays, fluoroscopy, mammography, computed tomography (CT) scanners and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners.
Developing trends within the medical imaging market are discussed, as well as forward projections for each of the five key segments related to the market.