eScan, one of the leading antivirus and content security solution providers announced the launch of eScan Version 14 for SOHO editions with cloud security this month. 
With eScan’s constant efforts in improving the product in accordance to the feedback from its global users, as well as ensuring that it matches the constantly changing security needs of IT users, the new version aims to provide them with an improved secure computing environment.
eScan 14 with cloud security includes many usability enhancements and improvements in order to deliver superlative protection against emerging threats targeting Windows-based systems.
Power packed with technologies such as the eScan Security Network (it’s cloud technology), advanced virus control, MicroWorld Winsock Layer, Non- Intrusive Learning Patterns as well as Domain and IP Reputation Checker, eScan ensures proactive protection even from next generation threats.
The feature rich eScan 14 has been developed to be very light on system resources preventing unnecessary lag on the user’s computer. It also includes a new “tile-based” dashboard which further improves the user-friendliness of the product and is highly optimized to increase performance.
With its secure delete facility under privacy control, users can permanently delete files and folders without the fear of having the files retrieved by the use of third-party applications, thus preventing misuse of personal information.
USB Vaccination, also a new feature to the product, prevents USB devices from becoming a source of infection. eScan Rescue Mode will now allow users to boot into a secure environment during system start-up without using any optical or USB media.
The cloud-based eScan Security Network ensures protection from latest and unknown threats. In addition to Internet Explorer and Firefox, eScan will now also support Chrome.
Bestowed with unique features such as advanced reporting functionality, a simple license activation wizard, safe mode protection, advanced parental control, file reputation checks using the cloud, the new improved eScan product is all set to redefine a secure digital life to its users.
“As Africa becomes more developed, we are experiencing the increasing demand for more sophisticated and effective means of cyber-security. Attacks are on the rise, particularly for home users who are so often vulnerable to malicious threats.
“We believe eScan’s new version will effectively protect users from such threats while saving them precious resources as well as money,” said Lee Milroy, CEO of Secure Lab, the exclusive eScan distributor for Africa.
“Cybercriminals are constantly discovering new ways to target sensitive data such as confidential banking details of SOHO users through targeted phishing attacks and other means. Today information security at endpoints is vital to ensure a secure computing experience for your family,” says Govind Rammurthy, MD and CEO, eScan.
“eScan’s latest version with Cloud Security is all set to change the dynamics in information security for networks in the SOHO segment. The product factors both the threat vectors and infection methods of current as well as future breeds of malware and is power packed with technologies that can effectively counter them.
“We are proud to have reached a new milestone in information security with the new version of eScan in order to secure user’s information and their digital lives across the globe.”
“It’s a great pleasure to announce the launch of eScan 14 with Cloud Security for the SOHO segment. The latest eScan version is a great combination of smart-engineering, rich features and easy-to-use interface will be well appreciated by families and professionals. With this, we also look forward to enhance our market reach and more benefits to our partners in the region,” says Nazir Kazi, AVP – ME & Africa, eScan.