Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, unveiled its first industrial switching router AR530, boosting enterprises’ management efficiency and accelerating the development of the machine-to-machine (M2M) industry globally. 
With the maturity of industrial informatisation and the rise of M2M communications, the integration of informatisation and industrialisation has become a new strategic direction for future global industrialisation development, which requires innovative network devices that effectively meet industrial needs, while providing extensive data communication functions.
Industrial switching router AR530 is Huawei’s next-generation integrated switch router for industrial use that integrates multiple functions such as routing, switching, security and data collection.
As a network gateway designed for a wide range of industries, AR530 can ensure stable and reliable performance under challenging environments, like extreme temperatures, humidity, and electrical magnetic interference.
“The integration of a sensor network and the Internet is the key to realise effective M2M communications,” says Eman Liu, president of Huawei Enterprise Business for the East and Southern Africa region.
“Based on a standardised, open, and mature IP platform, Huawei AR530 provides a seamless and integrated M2M solution, which supports multi-protocol conversion and a variety of software applications.
“The first product of Huawei’s integrated industrial switching routers, AR530 will be followed by a wide range of industrial switching routers, as well as other Huawei-developed relevant solutions, which will help global customers improve business operation and management efficiency.”
An integrated switch router for industrial use, the design of Huawei industrial switching router AR530 is compliant with the standards and design principles of industrial products. The component selection and adoption process of AR530 is more rigorous, when compared with enterprise routers, ensuring stable performance in harsh industrial environments.
By adopting innovative technologies such as fanless cooling, the AR530 can function in a wide temperature range. The AR530 also achieved the Ingress Protection 51 (IP51), a high industrial safety standard that enables it to be dustproof, waterproof, and has strong resistance against extreme temperatures and electromagnetic interference.
The AR530 industrial switching router supports multiple network standards and multi-protocol conversion, which enables it to address unique data collection demands across multiple industries. It also provides several modes for Internet access, including 3G, GE, G.SHDSL and E1, offering customers flexible, managed and efficient communications services.
Built on the company’s proven communications platform, Versatile Routing Platform (VRP), Huawei’s integrated industrial switching routers can provide industry-leading reliability, security and service integration, enabling customers to address opportunities presented in the rising of the M2M industry.