Members of staff from the ATKV (Afrikaanse Taal- en Kultuurvereniging) have broadened their knowledge and their value to the company having recently completed a comprehensive business course, involving two key interventions, delivered by iLearn, a national specialist provider of onsite instructor-led and online e-learning training methodologies. 
As a large, established organisation ATKV is faced with the challenge of consistently investing in and retaining skills levels that are relevant to its market and can help the organisation meet increasing requirements.
Given that it is a cultural organisation established to help develop South Africa’s diverse cultural population, tourism and hospitality have been identified as key focus areas for members of staff.
The team at ATKV required a refresher course as well as information pertaining to the latest trends in the market.
The need to be positioned at the head of the services curve in terms of hospitality and tourism, particularly against ongoing worldwide economic pressure, is something ATKV is acutely aware of.
They sought to partner with a credible training provider, one with the experience and market knowledge, who could add value and offer a national delivery, competitively priced and effective course.
iLearn was selected to present a solution that would fulfil all these requirements.
The iLearn Certified Business Professional (CBP) Tourism and Hospitality course was put forward as a suggested solution.
“We believe this course features all the relevant content and it proved to be very successful and highly valuable to our client,” says Richard Rayne, MD of iLearn.
To further reinforce this knowledge and explain application of practical elements of business management, iLearn then offered a second intervention and practical business management course called “the seven Ms of management” – material specifically tailored for ATKV.
The seven Ms to management covers management (HR), material (basic ingredient in management), machines (basic tools), money, method (the art of doing), management (functions of management) and moral values (the way business is conducted).
ATKV were also exposed to details about micro-and macro economics which delved into the intricacies of consumer behaviour, supply and demand, competition, income flow and expenditure, amongst others.
The course was designed to meet the organisation’s key skills requirements and also to help identify ways of being able to manage a business more effectively.
“iLearn’s knowledge of the market, level of expertise and professionalism in the course execution was nothing short of excellent. I have to emphasise the high level of service that iLearn brings to the training and was constructed exactly to our specific requirements.
“The administration and back up of iLearn ensures that the way the courses are developed as well as delivered are of a professional and slick standard,” says Dirk Botha, HR manager of the ATKV.
“The training has enlightened our staff tremendously and they think further than just their daily job function. There is a holistic understanding of the world of work and an attitude of accountability. I will continue to use iLearn going forward and recommend them to any Organisation in need of professional and excellent service to the nth degree,” Botha adds.
Rayne said that ATKV is a progressive organisation that epitomises what can be done when delivering this level of management training.
“We know our client’s strategic plans, its ideals and strengths. We use this information to construct a course that meets all requirements and empowers the organisation to go forward with confidence by improving our clients productivity and focus in increasing profit,” Rayne concludes.