The new Afrikaanse SkryfGoed 4 is available for computer users wishing to write faultless Afrikaans texts.
This collection of Afrikaans electronic proofing tools have been developed by the Centre for Text Technology (CTexT), a research and development centre at the North-West University’s Potchefstroom Campus.
This most recent version of the ever-popular Afrikaanse SkryfGoed consists of four proofing tools for Microsoft Office: an Afrikaans spelling checker; grammar checker; thesaurus; and hyphenator. It is compatible with Microsoft Office 2013 and Windows 8.
The grammar checker and thesaurus are one of a kind in Afrikaans for Microsoft Office, and the spelling checker is the only so-called second-generation spelling checker that currently exists for Afrikaans. This means that the most recent technology and advanced processing are used to deliver better results.
Afrikaanse SkryfGoed 4 is also regularly updated to adapt to the most recent spelling rules and developments in Afrikaans, and these proofing tools have already generated positive reactions from several language experts and language practitioners.