HP Enterprise Services has announced a cloud-based management solution that delivers secure anytime, anywhere access to applications and data from any mobile device. 
HP Enterprise Cloud Services – Mobility meets the demands of balancing the responsibilities and requirements of IT with the challenges and expectations of users. This new cloud solution is part of the HP Converged Cloud portfolio, which provides enterprises with the essential foundation of technologies and services to confidently build, operate and consume IT services.
The new solution provides fast and flexible deployment of tools and services for secure application access, file storage and sharing via multiple mobile platforms and all types of devices, including tablets and mobile phones. IT organisations are provided the tools to set appropriate security policies and the access controls to protect valuable corporate assets, applications and data.
The solution also allows users to download approved enterprise applications from a secure storefront, upload files to support collaboration and synchronise files between the HP cloud infrastructure and any mobile device. Mobile data is encrypted in transit and at rest, covering the device as well as the cloud infrastructure.
HP Enterprise Cloud Services – Mobility also provides the ability to configure cloud file storage that can scale up and down, and offers local storage options that address data sovereignty and compliance requirements.
“Mobility in the workplace continues to be a key focus and concern for IT executives,” says Ashton Steyn, regional chief technology officer, HP Enterprise Services.
“HP Enterprise Cloud Services – Mobility leverages HP’s strong cloud portfolio by providing clients with a mobility service that provides the highest level of user experience and productivity while minimising risk for IT.”
HP Enterprise Cloud Services – Mobility integrates leading industry technologies, including solutions from Citrix and SAP, which are fully managed and maintained by HP to simplify deployment and ongoing operations.